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Thank you for letting me have a fun summer.
– Ironesha

Shooting Sports Activities

Texas and shooting sports have long gone hand in hand. These activities at Stoney Creek welcome beginners and skilled marksmen.

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5 stand shooting range
5 Stand Sporting Clays/Skeet

Stoney Creek Ranch’s sporting clays venue has been touted a recreational shooter’s paradise. It features 5 Stands and offers a wide variety of target presentations, pleasing everyone from the beginner to the expert tournament shooter. After a safety orientation, participants put their skills to the test! The patio area also features fans and a food and drink service area. A favorite among our men’s and corporate retreats.


Ready, Aim, Fire! This classic activity requires skill and patience. Campers shoot increasing distances from the target. Nestled in the shade trees across across Big Mouth Lake bridge, the rustic Archery Barn structure defines our 8 lane archery range. Campers are guaranteed a direct hit of fun striving to hit the bull’s eye!


Bring your rifle to practice your skill, patience and accuracy on Stoney Creek Ranch’s Rifle Range in a safe, controlled environment. Rifle shooters can sit and shoot from any of the 35, 100 and 200 yard covered firing lines.