Ranch Visitors Say...
Very clean and neat. Well kept. The facilities are very well designed. The cabin was the nicest camp cabin I’ve ever stayed in. Great mattress!
– Group Leader

Sky Activities

Available upon request of retreat group and run by Stoney Creek Ranch ropes certified staff. Request must be made at least 2 weeks before your retreat. Traditional hours are 9am - noon on Saturday. Other times may be requested and Stoney Creek staff will let you know if they can accommodate.

Cost will be added to your group’s invoice:

Ropes Course
Fort Frelsburg High Ropes

Stoney Creek Ranch offers two options for the high elements course. These activities focus on group development as well as personal growth. The lower track, 20' high, features a set of physical elements that provides problem solving challenges and finishes with a zip line through the trees. The upper track features even more problem solving challenge elements and finishes with our totally awesome free fall experience AKA the “Leap of Faith”.

Land Zip Line
Land Zip Lines

“ON ZIP?” “ZIP ON!!” Buckle up for a wild ride on our rip-roaring zip line as you and a buddy scream down the line. Enjoy panoramic views of camp from the top of our 50' high tower. Despite your greatest fears, it IS completely safe!

Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing

Climb on to the 30' state-of-the-art Austin stone climbing wall. Self-belayed and secure in harnesses, scurry up and down the climbing wall with ease.