Ranch Visitors Say...
We are so glad we came to Stoney Creek!
– Destiny and Vyolet

Questions & Answers

Q. What do you need to bring to Stoney Creek Ranch?


Q. Where is Stoney Creek Ranch?

A. We are located in New Ulm, TX between Sealy and Columbus. Our address is 1912 Zimmerscheidt Road. Please click here for directions.

Q. How do I reach someone attending camp?

A. Call our Camp Director, Hunter Smith at 979.992.2800.

Q. Is there Wifi?

A. Yes.

Q. What are your sound system capabilities?

A. The dining facility at Stoney Creek Ranch offers a soundboard, stereo system and speakers in the meeting room and dining room for use during your stay. White Tail Hall (meeting room) has a complete sound system including LCD projector, sound board featuring 10 inputs of which 8 are unused along with hookups for iPod and computer (PC and Mac), DVD player, large-scale screen as well as 1 wired and 2 wireless handheld mics for use during your stay. The Dining Room has speakers that are controlled by the sound system in White Tail Hall. Additionally, the barn, basketball pavilion and outdoor chapel are equipped with a soundboard, stereo system and speakers. Your group agrees to be responsible for any damage to equipment occurring while in the care of your retreat. Click here to view all of our available equipment.